Why NIBBLE Ticketing?

There are a lot of other companies in the market that can service your event ticketing and registration needs. So why choose NIBBLE as your solutions provider?

Below are just some of ways why we're different from other ticketing industry providers.

Strategic consulting and planning

The other providers out there are mainly focused on providing you with technology and tools to support your event's ticketing and registration requirements. Although this is a high priority of ours as well, we also understand that a successful event goes far beyond the technology platform. Sometimes the smallest adjustments can have tremendous impact to attendee satisfaction and bottom-line event income, and we're not about to let these opportunities for our clients slip through the cracks.

Prior to every ticketing site build, we invest time and resources to consult with each client. During the strategic planning and consultation session(s), we not only identify the scope of the event and technical requirements, but look to uncover revenue opportunities, potential issues, and to truly understand the stakeholder goals for the event. An event will only be able to reach the highest levels of success through a seamless synergy of strategy, process, and technology.



We'll do the work

Yep, no more fighting a third-party system to make it look a certain way. No more using provided templates or limiting layout structure. Our system is completely flexible on the front end to look and feel just how you want it to - like a custom website would be.

And here's the kicker...our team will do all the work! We'll either help create a new design, or work closely with your current team to incorporate the already approved look and feel.

The back-end configuration is ours to deal with as well. Rather than you messing with a sea of options and settings, we'll consult with you prior to determine how your event checkout should function. Next, we go to work and configure all the details for you. After, we'll show you how to handle the basics like adding or editing records, running necessary reports, and so on.

custom-technology-solutionsCustom Technology Solutions

"The Cloud" has opened up so many possibilities for organizations of all sizes and with all ranges of technology budgets. So why is finding the right solution so tricky? Well, most companies are box makers. Let us explain...

When a software company decides to develop an application and open it up to the market, they first determine a few things:

  • What general features are needed by the market as a whole?
  • What features can they afford to pay developers to implement?
  • How much will the market pay?
  • What settings and features can the generic market users handle?
  • How much customer support will be needed if advanced or customizable options are added (i.e. creating confused users)?

In most circumstances, simple is better for the market users and customer support issues...so that's what is done. A "box" is then developed, and a marketing team within that software company is tasked with selling the market users that their box is the best one to jump inside. There's nothing wrong with this approach, and most users in the market are used to shopping for technology boxes similar to shopping for car boxes or phone boxes. Not everyone can afford to have a custom-built Rolls Royce.

However, NBBL Ticketing has flipped this model. We don't build boxes. We believe in custom solutions that are flexible to whatever the needs of the clients are. Our platform was built with flexibility and adaptation in mind, so that every event website can look different, function different, and deliver different results for clients than other platforms in the market. Our clients are not limited to what their site can do, based on the walls of the box we determined a year ago in a planning or budget meeting.

In addition to our core system being customizable, we have a development team that is ready to create new and/or integrate with other solutions. We are only limited by creativity.

Robust dashboard tools and reporting

Data is very powerful. Often times in the event business, decisions are made on gut feelings or "that's what we've always done" habits. Even if event stakeholders and producers know this is being done, they're unsure of how to obtain the data they need to drive fact-based decisions. That's where NBBL can help.

Step 1 - The Data
The first step in equipping your event team with the data they need is to identify what that data is. Through a consultative collaboration session with our team members, we'll help determine what it is we're looking to track.

admin-reporting-dashboardStep 2 - The Capture
Next, our team will ensure your site and process is properly capturing the data that we need. You'd be surprised at how small adjustments to database table structure and questions asked to attendees during checkout can create new or non-ambiguous data input. We handle this step and will let you know when we're ready to go!

Step 3 - The Reporting
Once the data capture begins, we need to make sure you have access to it. This can include:

  • Standard reports already available in your dashboard. We'll make sure you know how to run them when needed.
  • Custom reports. We'll show you how to create these on the fly, or set them up for you if preferred.
  • Email alerts and notifications. You're busy, and sometimes even logging into your dashboard can get put on the back burner. To help, we can set periodic email alerts and reports that come right to your inbox.

Step 4 - Using the Data
All this great data isn't going to go to make an impact by itself. Rather, we'll help your team learn how to use this data to drive decisions for current events or future ones.  


Revenue stream & ROI maximization

Each client has their event goal(s) in mind, and most of the time the main one is to generate as much revenue as possible for the organization or the cause. This is typically done through ticket sales prior to the event, and money-generating activities during the event (such as an auction). But...

  • What if we could help maximize the revenue generated through ticket sales?
  • What if we could help uncover new revenue streams your team hasn't thought about or didn't think was even possible?

Would this alone be worth your time to speak with us?

At NBBL, we take an ROI approach to everything we do. It's important to help our clients understand that by viewing their event solution as a revenue tool rather than a cost item, they can maximize their profits for each event they hold. How we help clients achieve this is endless, and each organization, event, and situation presents unique opportunities our team can unlock or enhance. Our goal is to become a no-brainer addition to your event team, and this is one of the main ways we achieve this.

Access to our vendor and partner network

We are a relationship company that believes in partnerships. Our vendors and partners work with us because we aim for win-win outcomes, and demand the same philosophy and business practices from them. How can a NBBL Ticketing client benefit from our vendor and partner relationships?vendor-partner-network

We obviously cannot promise our service and distribution network can add value to your specific event, but clients never cease to be surprised at what our team can bring to the table both internally and through existing relationships.

  • Distribution. NBBL has a plethora of dynamic distribution channel partners. Not only do we utilize these partnerships for our internal offerings, but will align our clients with these partners when advantageous. The other ticketing providers in the market may help place your event in their listings, which can generate sales in certain situations. However, this is unfortunately the extent of the assistance they can lend.
  • Services. Our vendor partners work with all types of clients on all types of events all over the world. Whether your need is small or large, speak with us about "who we know" and you might be surprised by the immediate results.
  • Enhanced offering. Your event may already be spectacular and maximized for productivity and efficiency, but what if there's still room for improvement? Our network might open up a new opportunity or enhance your existing offering...having a real impact to your bottom line.

Auction/raffle integration & facilitation

Auctions and raffles are a fantastic way to raise money for an organization or cause leading up to and during an event. There are also some great technology providers and local companies that can help facilitate your event-auction logistics. But guess what? Yep, we can handle your auction and raffle as well.

There is a lot that goes into maximizing the revenue generated from your auction/raffle. NBBL can help in the following ways:

  • event auction facilitation Technology. We don't have a separate auction platform. Your raffle isn't handled by yet another system. Rather, it's all integrated to make things easier for the participants and our clients. Whether you're holding a live auction, a silent auction, an online contest, or in-person raffle, our ticketing platform can handle your needs. In addition, we work closely with each client to determine the proper technology needed to facilitate the auction/raffle...then craft a custom solution.
  • Procurement. Finding the "right" items for your auction/raffle can be a huge undertaking. It often requires a ton of time and logistics to procure items that will maximize the revenue generated. NBBL can help by (1) streamlining the procurement logistics process through the use of our online tools (above), and (2) actually procure extremely unique items. Our VIP Access team specializes in unique experiences that are perfect for this purpose.
  • Facilitation. Whether you need us to handle the entire auction/raffle, or wish for us to assist the team members or vendors already in place...we're here to help add value wherever and however we can.
  • Awareness. Often times, the success of a raffle or auction is directly tied the target market's or attendees' awareness about it. Ensuring potential participants are properly marketed to is something we can assist with in a variety of ways.

A free consultation with our team can provide you with the specific ways in which we can enhance your raffle or auction.

Facilitation during the event

Most event technology providers focus their efforts on the "online" component of your event only. We know that a robust event ticketing platform is extremely important, but that it's also just one step to achieving overall event success. Your attendees experience while entering, exiting, and interacting during the event is directly tied to their decision to attend future events and even participate in live components such as the auction.

NBBL doesn't limit its offering to the technology and consulting side. Our team will help with the on-site services as well, to help our clients ensure attendee satisfaction and revenue is maximized. We'll help with the on-site services as needed and at a price within budget. This might include working closely with your existing event production and venue team, or handling the complete facilitation for you.premium-event-check-in-services

Services that NBBL provides to clients during events can include:

  • Check in
  • Ticket Sales
  • Content Production
  • Step and Repeat Management
  • Auction Facilitation
  • Complete Event Production by our NBBL Events team

Our goal is to maximize productivity and efficiency levels, resulting in a maximized event success and ROI. Let's discuss what this looks like for your next event.

Post-event support

You made it! The event is now over, and it was overall a huge success. Now what?

Well, the premiere event stakeholders and producers don't stop once the event ends. A key to growing and becoming better is to incorporate a period of self evaluation, and the event business is no different. NBBL is here long after your attendees leave, because there's important work to be done and we want to help. Here are some ways in which we do this...

  • post-event-supportROI report. You already see the amount of revenue generated, which is great. You've added up all of your costs and determined your event net - even better. However, there's more to this story. Getting a better understanding of cost and revenue sources will help you make better decisions for the next event, and we can provide some ROI details for you that can be extremely valuable. Remember, there are two types of investment you made for this event - monetary and non-monetary. What was your return for both?
  • Event recap and post-mortem analysis. Even though the event was a success, there were plenty of things that could have gone better. We'll work with your entire team and event-attendee input to capture this information, then formulate a report for you and your stakeholders. The dirt is in the details, and improving in the small things is what can truly make a difference for the next event.
  • Post-event consultation. Reports are great, but we'll also have a meeting with you team. This could be a review of the ROI and event recap documents, or just a general strategy session to jump on the details for the next event while memories are fresh. Regardless of the need, our team will be there to finalize the event project in a professional and educational manner.

Put NIBBLE Ticketing to work for your next event!

With our full-service approach to ticketing and event services, you're no longer on your own. Reach out today for a free, no-pressure consultation.



NIBBLE Ticketing Goals

Deliver Customized Solutions
Ensure Event Success
Maximize Client ROI

Our Mission Statement

To enable positive change in the lives of our clients, their staff, and their customers. We accomplish this by providing the right solutions for all involved, building relationships of trust and partnership, and maximizing their return on investment.

Our Competitors

There are many ticketing and registration platforms out there to choose from. We encourage you to explore the market and see for yourself how they stack up against NBBL Ticketing. Get in touch if you have any questions or feel NIBBLE is the right option for you!

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